Christian Clothing Companies That You Can Support

As believers, we like to support other Christian companies when we can. Not only that, it is nice to express the message of Christ without having to say a word. Buying from Christian clothing companies allow you to do just that! Here are 4 popular and up-and-coming clothing companies that are centered around Christian values –

Kerusso: Print, Produce, Proclaim

This Christian apparel brand uses the Greek word Kerusso, meaning “to herald,” as its name to signify that they are passionate about proclaiming the gospel through their products. As wholesale producers of T-shirts, hats, wristbands, jewelry, and other gifts and accessories, they supply a number of Christian retailers across the nation. In fact, they are regarded by many as the #1 Christian t-shirt producer.

Although they constantly change their merchandise to match trends and styles, their message stays the same. CEO and founder, Vic Kennett, says that the message appearing on the merchandise is the main focus. He believes Christian messages printed on products such as t-shirts and hats are a clever way for Christians to start up conversations with their friends and family. His ultimate hope is that his company’s products will set the stage for nonbelievers to hear and receive the gospel.

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C28: Not of This World

C28 is a Christian retail store, which uses Colossians 2:8 as the basis of its name and values. C28 sells t-shirts, jewelry, and other accessories containing uplifting Christian logos and messages. With their brand they provide an alternative to the sometimes negative messages found on mainstream apparel.

Every line of their mission statement and company values comes straight out of scripture. The store even has a prayer network set up for customers to email their prayer requests to the customer servant team. Additionally, C28 sponsors a number of ministries, including Campus Crusade for Christ and Mercy Ships. They take their business seriously because it has a positive, direct impact on people’s spiritual wellbeing.

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Missional Wear: Promoting the History of Christian Intellect

This new Orlando-based start-up is full of energy and ideas. They strive to represent the rich historic orthodoxy found in Christianity on their product lines. Missional Wear’s t-shirts display quotes from some of Christianity’s most renowned figureheads, such as Erasmus, Augustine, Spurgeon, and others. Shoppers can also find prints with Latin and Greek texts. It’s sleek and witty, appealing to the Christian intellectual.

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Christian Book: The Largest Online Christian Clothing Retailer

Although an online bookstore primarily, Christian Book happens to be the largest retailer of Christian clothing and accessories. With its online business strategy, it has unlimited access to customers not just in the nation, but worldwide.

Christian Book has many notable achievements and partnerships:

  • They are partners with and strong supports of Compassion International.
  • Boston Globe listed them among the “Top 100 Places to Work in Massachusetts” in 2009 and 2010.
  • Employs more than 500 workers.

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Rebel Brand: Challenging “Safe” Christianity

As the name of this clothing brand implies, Rebel Brand intends to make people ask thought-provoking questions about their faith, whether they are Christian or non-Christian. The founders aren’t interested in crowd pleasing. They print slogans that cause people to think seriously about their beliefs. Being a Christian, they say, is the most counter-cultural thing you can be.

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